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Chapter 1

“Qin Wan, I’ll give you one last chance.”

With a crisp ”ding”, a long sword swathed with the curse even Tribulation Crossing cultivators couldn’t withstand clanged in front of Qin Wanwan.

A calm voice came from the top of her head, without the slightest waves, “Either, tell me the way to awaken Yueli, or,” the person above emphasized, “Abolish your cultivation base.

From today on, you have nothing to do with the Wen in Sect!”

Qin Wanwan didn’t dare to answer.

She knelt on the ground, trembling.

She stared at the formations specially used to seal one’s cultivation on the ground and at the sword for her to use to stab herself with.

Her mind buzzed as she heard the shout of people around her.

They kept shouting to kill her. 

Just a moment earlier, she was still in the Immortal Realm.

She was the richest, strongest, most beautiful, and noblest Immortal in the Immortal Realm, the Lady of Jishan[1]. 

Among the four qualifications above, three of them were true.

Only the “strongest” was false.

Probably, because she was born in the 21st Century.

She was in poor health and had hardship in cultivating since she was born.

Someone even proclaimed that she couldn’t live past 300 years. 

For her sake, her parents resolved to go to the lower Realm to seek medicine.

Before leaving, they were afraid that she would be bullied, so they bribed all outstanding figures in the Immortal Realm and bestowed her the title of “The Strongest Immortal Second Generation[2]“.

This reputation kept her safe and sound for two hundred years.

Who knew that, not long after, a blockhead named Jian Xingzhi ascended to the Immortal Realm.

He said his Dao could only be proved by beating others.

Thus, he trashed every single famous person in the Cultivation Realm, and finally, it was Qin Wanwan’s turn to be trashed. 

When the two fought… Nah, where was Qin Wanwan, a weak Immortal, the opponent of this Killing God She was hacked crudely with his sword.

Not only that, the other party refused to believe that it was her true strength.

He stepped on her head, pointed the sword at her, and threatened her, “If you don’t use your sword, I’ll level your mountain and smash your palace.

I will trash your Jishan throughoutly, not even leaving a chicken or dog left.”

At that time, she was in a rage and agitated.

She wished to jump to her feet and blew this dog-dressed-up-as-a-man’s head up.

She couldn’t do anything, though.

She could only shout out with her last breath, “Save… Me…!”

Instantly, the thunder shot down from the sky.

An electric current ran through her body, and she transferred here.

She is…

Qin Wanwan’s mind was muddled.

Did she transmigrate again

“This is your new body, called Qin Wan[3],” Before she affirmed her guess, a “zizi” sound of eletric currents and ice-cold mechanical sounds rang in Qin Wanwan’s mind, “A Vicious Supporting Female in a novel, “The Strongest Mary Sue”.”

The System arrived in her mind with a load of memory. 

“She was the Eldest Lady of a famous family in this world.

When she was a child, she was engaged to the Young Master of Lecheng, Jun Shu.

In an accident, her family was tragically exterminated.

The Lord of Lecheng and his son saved her in the nick of time.

She was sent to Wen Xin Sect and became a disciple of the Sect Leader, Shen Zhiming.

She regarded Shen Zhiming as her father and her Shixiong[4], Song Xinian, as her Xiongchang[5].

She fell in love at first sight with Jun Shu who rescued her with his father at that time.

In order to be equal with Jun Shu and live up to her Shifu[6]’s expectations, she practiced diligently since she was a child and entered the Golden Core Realm before she was fifteen.”

However, when she was 15 years old, the Female Lead, Su Yueli, appeared.

She was only a daughter of a farmer.

Her village was slaughtered by the Demon so she was adopted to the Sect by Shen Zhiming.

When Su Yueli came to Wen Xin Sect.

All the men fell in love with her.

Shen Zhiming.

Song Xinian.

Jun Shu.

They all revolved around her. 

Qin Wan became resentful.

For the sake of attracting Jun Shu and her Shixiong’s attention, she abandoned herself out of despair and became all the more arrogant and wilful.

Even to the point where she bought a male pet named Jian Zhiyan back to the Sect just to make Jun Shu jealous.

Though, all of this only pushed the people around her farther from her.

“In an unforeseen situation, Qin Wan and Su Yueli met with a mishap together.

They were attacked by a Qinglong[7].

To save Su Yueli, Qin Wan pushed her down a cliff.

She fought a bloody battle with the Qinglong for ten days and finally ate the Longdan[8] and her life was saved thanks to it.

She returned to Wen Xin Sect by herself because she discovered that Jun Shu had rescued Su Yueli, but because Su Yueli was unconscious, no one from Wen Sect came to look for her.”

“Not only that, they witnessed Qin Wan pushing Su Yueli off a cliff from the Tracing Pearl that Su Yueli carried with her.

They assumed the reason Su Yueli was unconscious was because of Qin Wan’s attempted murder.

Hence, they didn’t care about Qin Wan’s life and death.

When Qin Wan returned, they sent Qin Wan to the Judgment Stage, intending to expel her from the sect.”

“Qin Wan, to defend herself, told the story about the Qinglong.

It never crossed her mind that by telling that story, Shen Zhiming would cut the Longdan inside her body to save Su Yueli.

As a result, Qin Wan’s Golden Core was damaged and it was nearly impossible for her to ascend.”

“By that time, Qin Wan was completely blackened.

She went to seek refuge with the Boss[9] and became the first vicious Supporting Female in the novel.

She clashed repeatedly with the Female Lead and committed many evils.”

“The people around her left her one by one, only leaving her with Jian Zhiyan, the male pet she bought at the beginning.

Jian Zhiyan on many occasions advised her to put down the gratitudes and resentments of the past and return to the Righteous Path, but Qin Wan refused.

She preserved tight to her obsession and kept committing evil.

Ultimately, she was cornered by Su Yueli and the Immortal Alliance in Xuanshan.

Jian Zhiyan blocked the swords for her and died.

Later, she died by Jun Shu’s sword.”

“Before she died, she saw her destiny as a Supporting Female and made two wishes.”

“First, counterattack the Female Lead and keep cultivating in the Righteous Path.”

“Second, do one’s utmost to protect Jian Zhiyan.”

The System finished its speech and the memories of the past and present gradually merged into one.

Her headache almost vanished and cold sweat had drenched Qin Wanwan’s clothes. 

Qin Wanwan inspected the transparent screen displayed in front of her, with words written in bold letters, 

Task 1: Keep the Longdan and cut off all relationships with Wen Sect

Do you accept the task


The word “Yes” was highlighted and blinked fast.

One could see the answer the other party wanted with just a glance.

“Just accept the task and fulfill the original owner’s wish.

Then, you can return to the Immortal Realm,” the System said indifferently, “Don’t waste your time contemplating.”

Qin Wanwan kept her mouth zipped.

She raised her head cautiously like a quail and scanned around as fast as she could.

On the left side closest to her, there was a man lying.

He wore long white clothes embroidered with plum that was covered with a layer of gauze.

His long hair was scattered behind him, and on his exposed ankle, there was a flame-mark pattern representing his identity as a slave. 

That was Jian Zhiyan.

Just now, he figuratively slapped Jun Shu because of Qin Wanwan’s matter and now he abruptly lay down there. 

Jun Shu didn’t know what was going on, neither did Qin Wanwan.

After Jian Zhiyan’s sudden burst, he slumped on the ground like a fish that was electrocuted from time to time.

He twitched intermittently, appearing to be in a very painful situation.

Directly behind Jian Zhiyan was a high white-jade platform.

On the high platform sat a young man in purple, his robe embroidered with cranes, and with a jade crown on his hair.

He seemed to be in his twenties, but his calm and composed demeanor was something that belonged only to someone who had been in a high position for a long time.

This was the Shifu who raised Qin Wanwan with his own hands and the Sect Leader of the Wen Sect, Shen Zhiming. 

Begin Shen Zhiming stood a tall man with a strong-built figure and a broadsword on his back.

He looked over at Qin Wanwan with worry.

It was obvious this figure was the only person who still care about her, her only Shixiong, Song Xinian. 

Sitting on Song Xinian’s left was Qin Wan’s fiancé, Jun Shu.

He leaned lazily against his chair, adorned with pure gold-white fox fur.

He twirled the jade flute in his hand and overlooked Qin Wanwan with a smile and a bit of frost in his eyes. 

With Qin Wanwan’s searching gaze, the System on her side was aware of her curiosity and reminded her callously.

“What else to hesitate about This is your new world.”

It had a chilling and apathetic voice, “As a vicious Supporting Female, in this world, your Shifu will cast you away, your Shixiong will detest you, and your sweetheart will personally kill you.

The only one who treats you sincerely is the useless Soft Rice Man[10] next to you who just fainted.”

Qin Wanwan couldn’t help but move her gaze to Jian Zhiyan again and judged the other party’s convulsions to be more severe than before.

She vaguely sensed that he wanted to get up.

But, because his movements were faint, Qin Wanwan deemed it was only her illusion. 

“You should learn to be cruel to others and crueler to yourself.

In this way, you can ‘fight for your destiny’ and counterattack the Female Lead!”

“Quick!” The word “Yes” on the system panel flickered more prominently.

The System’s voice became more passionate, “Pick up the sword and stab it through your body! Tell them loudly— From today on, you will cut off all relationships with them and have nothing to do with them!”

Qin Wanwan was silent.

She swallowed her saliva and combed all the situations.

After confirming she indeed had no other choice, she shivered.

She tried to control her fear and crawled forward to pick up the sword on the ground. 

The moment she held the sword, the word “Yes” lit up as if it had been clicked.

The entire panel vanished and the System’s voice filled her mind.

“Congratulations on your successful binding of the “Female Lead Counterattack System.” Starting today, System 3838438[11] will provide you with the best quality counterattack service and model you to be the most awesome person and start your thrilling counterattack!”

“Now, please follow the instructions and complete the first step of activation.

Stab yourself and shout the catchphrase, ‘From now on, Qin Wan will have nothing to do with Wen Sect!’”

The action was simple.

Qin Wanwan encouraged herself.

She tremblingly stood up and glanced around the crowd. 

Don’t think too much.

It’s very simple.

Just stab yourself.

She kept brainwashing herself.

The wind blew over and her blood-stained clothes fluttered in the wind.

She was alone in the middle of the Judgment Stage, only with a sword in her hand.

She was like a blood-stained lone crane, arrogant but beautiful.

The sound of the disciples within the periphery quietened down.

Everyone was dumbfounded and gaped at Qin Wan on the stage.

Everyone knew that Wen Xin Sect was Qin Wan’s home.

Jun Shu, Shen Ximing, and Song Xinian were dear to her.

In the past, she would rather die than leave the Wen Xin Sect.

Yet, at this moment, when Shen Zhiming compelled her to abandon her cultivation base and expelled her, she would rather leave the Sect than save Su Yueli

Was she unwilling to save her, or was she unable to save her

Was Qin Wan really the person that made Su Yueli unconscious

For a beat, everyone wavered.

Qin Wanwan was still encouraging herself in her heart, 

It’s okay.

It’s just raising your sword and stabbing yourself.

It’s okay! She is the bravest! She is the strongest!

She gulped and pointed the tip of the sword at herself.

People around her were staring at her.

Shen Zhiming knitted his brows and Song Xinian was plainly worried.

Jun Shu watched Qin Wanwan with interest.

And Jian Zhiyan next to her kept convulsing. 

“Stab it!” The System noticed she was delaying for time and incited, “Fear not, the sword will only pierce your intestines and I am here! With me here, you don’t need to worry!”


Qin Wanwan recalled the last slash she received from Jian Xingzhi’s sword before transmigrating.

The pain lingered until now and she still had physical hallucinations over it.  She scrutinized the sword and couldn’t help but drop a hint to the System, “If I stab myself, will it hurt”

“Are you stupid or what” The System was puzzled by her question, “Who won’t get hurt when stabbed”

“You…” Qin Wanwan realized the System missed the hint completely.

She then went straight to the point, “Don’t you have any special functions Like pain shielding”

“You are the Female Lead who rebelled against Fate.

What pain shielding do you need” The tone was contemptuous, and then it pitched its voice high, “Come on! Stab yourself and give them a hard time!”

It appeared that the System not only had no pain shielding but it also obsessed with supervising her to be the model Female Lead. 

Qin Wanwan got the wrong impression that she was kidnapped on a pirate ship rather than granted a lucky chance.

She stared at the tip of the sword and breathed fast.

She mustered her bravery for a long time and lifted her hands to stab herself.

Nevertheless, in the blink when she had mustered her courage, a voice halted her, “Wait!

Qin Wanwan paused her moment in a heartbeat.

She peeked in turmoil at the speaker on the high platform, examining her with a smile. 

“Wan’er[12] ah,” said Jun Shu, who was sitting on the seat as he played with the jade flute in his hand.

He gradually rose from his seat.

Qin Wanwan was dazed.

She watched the young man in white step down and stroll toward her one step at a time, with lips curled up and a hint of teeth.

He described an extremely cruel scene in a gentle tone, “Who would have thought that you would rather endure the pain of the rotten intestines than save Yueli.”

The word “Rotten Intestines” got to her ears and Qin Wanwan froze on the spot. 

The System hurriedly assured her, “Don’t listen to his nonsense.

Just close your eyes and stab.

It won’t hurt.”

“The curse dwelled in this sword is a curse written by a real Daojun[13].

When it pierces your body, the curse will activate and climb all the way from your wound like insects into your eight meridians.

They will suck your cultivation along their way.

The pain is bone-deep and hurts more than being ripped limb from limb.”

As Jun Shu described the pain, he stepped forward to Qin Wanwan.

Qin Wanwan listened to his words and visualized those pictures.

Her heart was drenched in cold water. 

The System couldn’t help condemning him,” Why the hell is this man so annoying and keep rattling”

“Plus, the pain won’t come all at once.

After all, aren’t you in the Golden Core Realm The curse will last for at least three to five days.

In these three to five days, your wound will not heal and keep bleeding profusely.

The curse will climb all the way into your internal organs, the muscles, and the veins…”

Qin Wanwan’s eyes were dull.

She gripped the sword and her feet became soft.


She slumped on the ground.

Jun Shu grinned and approached Qin Wanwan’s ear, “At that time, your intestines will rot and your five viscera will discharge pus……”


Qub Wanwan came to enlightenment.

What system.

What bull** counterattack system.

What Female Lead.

Those who could bend and stretch could achieve great things! All roads lead to Rome! Why did she have to suffer so!

For people to be alive, the important thing was happiness.

It hurt as ** to cut the Longdan by yourself.

It hurt even more if she stabbed herself with this sword.

Wasn’t there a better way to have the best of both worlds

There must be!

Qin Wanwan’s brain speed exceeded the highest capacity in her two lifetimes combined.

Everyone was astonished by her, “You… What are you planning to do……”

“This disciple admits her mistake,” She hoisted the sword and sincerely looked up at Shen Zhiming on the high seat, “Please grant me a chance to turn over a new leaf.

I will never…”

Before she finished, Qin Wanwan saw a flash of white shadow in front of her, and soon, someone tugged her and half embraced her in his arms.

Her hand was grasped and the sword slashed.

Shen Zhiming’s curse was still on the sword.

With that sharp slash, Jun Shu retreated back without delay, and before Qin Wanwan could react, she felt the tip of the sword turn and ran through her body without hesitation, decisively and fiercely!

Qin Wanwan’s knees softened and she knelt back to the ground.

She hung her head and saw the hilt of the sword close to her stomach.

A well-knotted hand covered hers and gripped the hilt.

Blood flowed out from her stomach, soaking the two clasped hands and dripping along the tip of the sword and the white wide sleeves on the ground.

The white wide sleeves were embroidered with plum. 

The sword pierced through two people.

The man hugged her from behind, azure silk fluttering from both sides, like a curtain separating her from the world as if to protect her in his arms.

“Daojun, don’t lower yourself for them,” The voice of the young man was a bit boyish and distinct.

He had the calmness and coldness that could only be obtained after countless battles.

Word by word, he uttered the lines she hadn’t had time to shout, “From today on, Qin Wan has nothing to do with you all!”

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寂山女君 – jìshān nǚ jūn; The Lady of Solitary Mountain.

寂山 is the name of her palace also her title.↵

仙二代 – xiān èr dài.

Immortal Second Generation, a joke to 富二代 – fù’èrdài; lit.

Rich second generation.

A nouveau riche.↵

秦晚 – Qín Wǎn.

Different 晚 – Wǎn (Night) from Qin Wanwan’s 婉- Wǎn (Graceful).↵

師兄 – shīxiōng; Older Martial Brother↵

兄長 – xiōngzhǎng.

A respectful form of address for an elder brother or a man friend.↵

師父 – shīfù; Master/Teacher.↵

青龍 – qīng lóng;Azure Dragon.

Is said to be the God of the East (Wind Direction).↵

龍丹 – lóng dān; Dragon Pill/Core.

Said to can strengthen the spiritual power and enhance the physique to the physique of a dragon.↵

Originally written as “boss” in the raw.↵

軟飯男 – ruǎnfàn nán; lit.

Soft Rice Man.

A man who does not want to do things, and depends on women to support him every day.↵

三八三八四(死)三八 – sānbā sānbā sì(sǐ) sānbā; 三八 is an insult, like you are saying someone is stupid/reckless/crazy.”三八, Stupid, 三八, Idiot, 四(死)三八, Goddamn Imbecile.↵

兒 – ér.

An endearment.↵

道君 – dào jūn.

Master Daoist.

 道君 is used to refer a person who can practice the Dao or is a cultivator.↵


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