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Zhang Huang emphasized how eager the old professors were to see the person who solved the question.

They even lost their appetite and searched for connections everywhere.

However, the other party left too little information.

In the end, they had no choice but to look for Zhou Xuan.

“Actually, the core logic of this question is related to an important research by the professors.

The person who can solve this question will definitely be helpful to the research.

Now that the research that the professors have spent half their lives on has reached an important stage, its really urgent,” Lin Xiao added after Zhang Huang finished introducing.

As the student closest to the professors, he had seen with his own eyes how much the gray-haired old professors cared about this research and how much they yearned for the person who solved the questions to appear.

Therefore, he could understand how eager the old professors were to find someone.

He would do his best.

“So, what you mean is that you want me to use my hacking skills to find out where this person is.” Zhou Xuan pondered for a moment and said slowly.

“Yes, if we didnt really need this person, we wouldnt have wanted to use such a radical method to find him.” Zhang Huang quickly nodded and looked at Zhou Xuan with admiration.

“Youre the most outstanding student Ive ever taught and the most skilled hacker I know so far.

The last hope for this is you.”

Zhou Xuan kept a low profile.

Very few people knew that he had this ability.

Zhang Huang had also used his authority as the principal to find out by chance when Zhou Xuan was still in university.

If he remembered correctly, Zhou Xuans hacking skills were already one of the best in the country a few years ago.

Now, he was probably already a world-class expert.

“Alright,” Zhou Xuan replied and instructed his assistant, He Sheng, to come in.

“I personally taught He Sheng how to hack.

The Zhou Corporations network security is handed over to him.

At the same time, He Sheng is also the fourteenth-ranked [Falcon] on the worlds hacker rankings.

Let him try it first,” Zhou Xuan said calmly.

As he spoke, He Sheng had already entered with a laptop.

He found the blank information page of the mysterious person who had solved the problem that Lin Xiao had given him and started typing quickly.

Looking at He Shengs dazzling finger techniques, Lin Xiao could not help but ask, “That person has nothing except a string of account ID.

Can we really find him like this”

“By hacking into the backend database of the posting software, we can find this persons Internet address.

Then, we can further crack the other partys location and other information,” He Sheng explained as he worked.

Zhou Xuan also said, “As long as you use the Internet, you will definitely leave traces on the Internet.”

“Wow, its really impressive.” Lin Xiaos eyes lit up as he praised sincerely.

He could already imagine the old professors being overjoyed when he brought the person who solved the question to them.

He Sheng was a little embarrassed.

He smiled and said, “My hacking skills were all taught by President Zhou.

President Zhou is much better at this than me.”

Even more powerful than He Sheng, who was ranked 14th in the world Lin Xiao was first surprised, then relieved.

He smiled and said, “Since Senior Zhou can teach a hacker ranked fourteenth in the world, his standard must be number one in the world, right”

“No.” Zhou Xuan shook his head.

Many years ago, the first place on the hacker rankings had been occupied by a person named Zero all year round.

She had broken through the final confidential databases of countless countries and organizations.

Countless people hated her, but they yearned to find her.

In terms of hacking skills, Zero had almost no opponents.

No matter who challenged her, they were easily defeated.

Zero even said that as long as anyone could find out her true identity, she would hand over the position of the number one hacker.

The world only knew that Zero was a woman.

In fact, this information was revealed by Zero herself.

Her age and identity were unknown.

When Zhou Xuan was still young and vigorous, he had also challenged Zero.

Although both sides defended and invaded several rounds, Zhou Xuan still lost to Zero.

After so many years, Zhou Xuans hacking skills were naturally much better than before.

He had also thought of challenging Zero again to compete for the glory of being the worlds number one hacker, but in the past year, Zero seemed to have disappeared into thin air and could not be contacted.

Just as Zhou Xuans thoughts were flying, He Sheng suddenly said in surprise, “President Zhou, Ive found it.

The last time this account was logged in was in S City!”

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