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“Of course.

The other partys strength is there.

How can he not be awesome”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Such an expert is really enviable!”

“Lets find a few people to form a team too!”

The two of them were chatting with their arms around each others shoulders.

Zhou Han happened to pass by and heard it and found it a little funny.

Such discussions could be seen everywhere.

Clearly, he had killed the Fire Lord phantom.

It had already spread in the Ancient Sword Tomb.

After buying the [Lucky Potion], Zhou Han directly entered the Sword Tomb.

[Detected that its Sunday.

Entering the Sword Tomb will not consume admission tickets!]

[The maximum duration of a single stay is 8 hours.]

“I didnt expect such a discount.

I was wondering why there was a sea of people today.”

Hearing the notification, Zhou Han smiled and finally understood the reason.

This time, without Song Yushans guidance, Zhou Han spent some time finding the location of the Storm Valley.

Then they moved forward and finally reached the core of Storm Valley.




There was an endless roar.

The wind swirled and smoke filled the air.

The wind here was especially strong.

The air was filled with sword aura, and his clothes fluttered.

The location of the Wind Lord phantom was in the center of the eye of the storm.

The powerful wind minced everything in space.

It was almost impossible for the weak to approach the center of the storm.

At this moment, the outskirts of Storm Valley were filled with a large number of people.

More than 90% of them were women.

All of them were in high spirits, happy and embarrassed.

Their eyes rippled as if they were looking forward to something.

Zhou Han glanced around and walked over without thinking.

“Hes here.

Hes finally here.

Hes so handsome!”

“Hes indeed handsome and suave.

Im going to faint at the sight of him.”

“How tempting! If I can be his mate, Id rather burn a fire for twenty years.”

“This is my husband.

Dont snatch him, you coquettish sluts!”

The chattering girls swarmed toward Zhou Han.

Their eyes were filled with obsession and love.

Seeing this, Zhou Han was stunned.

‘Could it be that they only expressed strong love because they knew that I had killed the Fire Lord phantom

‘Sigh, being too handsome is also a problem.

I have nowhere to place my charm.

Zhou Han stroked his hair ostentatiously.

“Fan Fan, we love you!”

‘Hmm Fan Fan

Zhou Han was stunned when he heard this.

Then, these girls ran past him, some even bumping into him a few times.

‘So theyre not after me.

Although Zhou Han did not like female fans, he was still a little unhappy to be ignored like this.

“Brother Bufan, please accept my gift!”

“Fan Fan, you evil thief, you stole our hearts!”

“Fan Fan, why are you so handsome I cant eat or drink!”

Zhou Han turned around and looked.

Not far behind him, a handsome young man in white walked over.

He held a folding fan and had an outstanding temperament.

His peach blossom eyes flickered around, making the girls legs go weak.

His face was smeared with rouge and powder, and he always had a gentle smile.

If not for his huge Adams apple, Zhou Han would have thought that this was a girl.

These women were really blind!

‘Why arent you admiring a handsome man like me Why are you simping a sissy

“Yo! Brother, are you also here to admire Dongfang Bufans heroic bearing”

The surrounding men winked at Zhou Han.

It made Zhou Han a little speechless.

Were they f*cking crazy

‘To admire a man

Zhou Hans eyes were vigilant as he distanced himself from them.

At the same time, he also knew that this effeminate person was called Dongfang Bufan, who was also the chief disciple of the Proud Sword Sect.

It was said that he was very powerful.

Some time ago, an Emperor-grade sword had dropped.

For a moment, they were in the limelight.

Countless girls flocked to them, only wanting to obtain Dongfang Bufans good impression.

“Everyone, calm down.

Im determined to kill the Wind Lord!”

“After I succeed, Ill randomly choose a few of you and get closer!”

Dongfang Bufan opened his fan and fanned it gently.

The light in his eyes was indifferent and confident.

In order to kill the Wind Lord, he had made sufficient preparations, especially after obtaining the Emperor-grade sword, which increased his combat strength greatly.

At this moment, he was completely confident.

Because admission tickets were limited today, on this particular day, after you successfully killed the Wind Lord, there were naturally more witnesses.

After all, his reputation spread far and wide.

It was a little exciting to think about, but he suppressed a smile and tried to maintain his indifferent temperament.

“As expected of Fan Fan.

Shes so dust-free.

Her confident temperament is mesmerizing.”

“Hes so handsome.

I really want to bow to Fan Fan.”

“Seeing this, who can compare to our bearing”

Dongfang Bufans simple words attracted countless girls to kneel and lick his boots.

It made him even smugger.

His eyes kept darting around the girls with outstanding looks.

He quickly locked onto the target.

After killing the Wind Lord, he would get them.

Zhou Han naturally would not waste time.

He had long left this area and headed in the direction of the Eye of the Storm.

After a simple investigation, the power of the Storm Valley was the same as that of the Lava Mountain Guard.

They were all composed of Guards, Colonels, Lieutenants, Flying Generals, and Lords.

After cleaning up many Storm Guards, they quickly encountered the obstruction of the colonels and lieutenants.


Zhou Han directly shot out.

A violent flame sword aura spewed out, and more than a hundred Storm Commanders were instantly reduced to ashes.

“The Fire Profound Meaning is indeed very strong.

It can greatly increase fire damage.”

After testing it, the power of flames had now become one of Zhou Hans strongest methods.

Zhou Han nodded, very satisfied.

This was also the first time he had attacked after becoming stronger.

Its power was extraordinary.

However, the drop rate was a little unsatisfactory.

He only obtained a skill book.

[You have obtained a skill book, Wind Cry Impact.

Do you want to learn it]


[You have successfully learned Wind Cry Impact.

Please check the attributes!]

This was Zhou Hans second wind-type active skill.

He looked at the attributes.

The effect was not good.

Zhou Han chose to fuse.

“Fuse Wind Cry Strike with Wind Blade!”

[Fusion successful.

A new skill has been generated.

Please check!]

[Dragon Shocking Wind 10]

[Grade: Emperor-grade]

[Category: Damage]

[Description: Summon a wind dragon and cause wind damage to all targets within a 300-meter radius.]

[Effect: Deals 28% true damage and reduces the targets agility by 20%.

Increases your agility by 30%.]

“Good, another true damage skill!”

Zhou Han could not help but be overjoyed.

The synthesis effect was so powerful that it swept away the gloominess that Zhou Han had because of the low drop rate.

He was immediately filled with enthusiasm.

Next, Zhou Hans speed became even faster, attacking quickly along the way.

[You killed Level 80—Storm Lieutenant.]

[You killed Level 80—Storm Lieutenant.]

[You killed a Level 70 Storm Colonel.]

[You killed Level 80—Storm Lieutenant.]

[You have obtained the King-grade sword, Swift Shadow.]

[You have obtained the King-grade sword, Wind Goose.]

Two wind-attribute King-grade swords appeared in a row, but Zhou Han did not change them.

Now, his fire elements were clearly stronger than the wind elements.

The wind elements were better at supporting and controlling.

This was Zhou Hans current train of thought.

Of course, it was not static.

Zhou Han easily arrived at the center of the Eye of the Storm.

Ten tornado-like phantoms slowly appeared with endless violent power.

A hurricane rose, and space immediately collapsed.

Many places fell into endless darkness.

Countless terrifying wind vortexes blew over.

Ten pairs of eyes suddenly opened in the hurricane and shot out destructive wind blades that tore through the sky.

The ten Storm Flying Generals had completely woken up.

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