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Click. Hert unfastened his buckle himself and loosened the front of his underwear that was taut inside.

Then a big peg-like manhood bounced over Tessa’s face, as if it had been waiting.

Tessa, who was about to be slapped in the face with the rod of flesh, groaned and stared at the ghastly thing that had risen in front of her.

It was oozing white fluid a little at the tip of the thick pillar with reddish veins protruding from it.

Tessa couldn’t believe that such a big thing could belong on a man, not a horse.

Tessa was terrified as the thick manhood, glistening with opaque liquid, boobed in front of her.

It was too big even though it was bigger than she expected.

She didn’t know it was this big.

If she held it in her hand, would she be able to wrap it all It didn’t seem like it would fit all in her mouth.

Even if something like that went into her body.

It looked like the entrance was going to be torn before it even went in.

“What are you doing Aren’t you going to suck”

Hert hurried her as Tessa just stared blankly at his length. Don’t tell me you don’t want to now Tessa tried to pretend nothing was wrong as the man’s eyes seemed to be talking like that.

If she showed any signs of fear or reluctance, Hert would certainly be angry or offended.

Still, she didn’t want Hert to have another misunderstanding when he was already thinking that she hated him.

Tessa slowly reached out and grabbed it carefully.

As she expected, Hert’s didn’t even fit into her palm.

But the hot, throbbing length could be felt clearly through the palm of her hand.

Moreover, the terrifyingly thick girth reared its head even more stiffly as she grabbed it.

Tessa raised her knees and rolled up the flesh with both her hands.

As if rubbing the hard skin, she went up from the bottom to the top, and rolled the tip of the round pillar with her fingertips.

The liquid-soaked tip glistened from being touched a few times.


In an instant, a low, hot breath poured from the corner of the man’s mouth.

Hert seemed to know a little now about the feeling that had stimulated him before.

It was a terrifying pleasure.

He thought he wasn’t usually very bright with sexual desire, but as soon as Tessa grabbed him, he realized that what he had been doing alone until now was nothing more than a child’s game.

‘Damn it, why are you so good’

However, his anger towards Tessa grew stronger.

Why was she so good at it Even he, a virgin, could know.

This was not a clumsy act.

She couldn’t do this unless she was experienced.

Tessa looked accustomed to stroking a man.

As Hert guessed, Tessa was used to stroking a man’s length.

Tessa was accustomed to this practice, as Marquis Jutert had always forced Tessa to suck his genitals by her mouth, and she had no choice but to continue until the Marquis would tell her to stop.

She hated it at the time, but she was glad that experience could help her with satisfying Hert now.

As she stroked it up and down, his fluids flowed all over.

Tessa placed one hand on the man’s thigh to prepare herself.

She then slowly wrapped her tongue around the tip of the pillar and put it in her mouth.

However, since the manhood was quite large, it seemed that her mouth was already full even though she only swallowed the tip.

Tessa rounded her lips to avoid raising her teeth as much as possible, pushing his penis further into her mouth.

It felt like her throat was clogged, but it was still tolerable.

She moved her tongue little by little, as if licking a big lollipop.

Hert felt a shiver run through his body as the hot, damp tongue began to lick down the hole in his glans. Shit, what is this Hert’s curse came out of his mouth in a situation he had never experienced before.

The woman didn’t even move a few times, but his climax quickly filled up, and his entire lower back was stiff.

‘Crazy, already…’

His fingertips trembled slightly.

Hert clenched his teeth and narrowed his eyes, unaware that his face and ears had turned bright red.

The pleasure was all too much.

It seemed like he would burst into the woman’s mouth like this.

Without realizing it, he arched his back and slowly shoved his thing into the woman’s mouth.


Also, it wasn’t just Tessa’s sounds that drove Hert crazy.

The sight of a woman much smaller than him moving her tiny head, grabbing his d*ck, caressing it and sucking it carefully, quickly drained his patience.

As a result, his taut member swelled so much that it hurt.

“Damn, it, you’re such, a, eugh…”

“Ah, mmh, uh…….”

“Ah, sh*t, sh… f*ck…”

The sound of slurping came from beneath his legs.

Hert reflexively clasped the woman’s head with his large palms.

In the midst of this, his hands were slowly losing strength.

He sighed heavily and looked at Tessa sucking him off.

It was good, but he hated it.

In Hert’s heart, contradictory emotions were swirling around each other.

The pleasure pouring down on him was so great that he wanted to keep this moment forever, but at the same time, he hated the woman who skillfully sucked on a man’s thing to the point that he shivered.

‘You must have done this to that old bastard.’

Tessa’s old husband, who suddenly came to mind, drove Hert halfway crazy.

He looked at the portrait of the dead Marquis Jutert hanging on the wall in front of him.

Damn it, if I had known this would be the case, he would have mangled him limb by limb.

To make him feel all the pain before killing him.

He started to resent himself for having killed the Marquis easily by cutting the neck.

‘Damn it…!’

Even if he tried not to think about it, he kept thinking about it.

How many times did Tessa sleep with that old Lord Anger welled up at the thought of her being one of the seven wives of the Marquis by the time she sold him.

Hert gritted his teeth.

He unconsciously tightened his hand on the woman’s head.

“Uh, uhhp…”

Tessa briefly writhed against his length, which was hastily pushed further forward.

The large manhood was touching her throat.

When it got to that point, she choked, making it difficult for her to breathe.

Occasionally, a feeling of nausea was also about to rise.

Nevertheless, she sucked Hert without saying a word.

In fact, Hert’s size was overwhelming, so it could have easily been strong, but it was easier to suck than she thought because he didn’t have the disgusting smell like the Marquis.

On the contrary, Hert had a nice, refreshing scent.

Tessa clasped the part that couldn’t even fit in her mouth with her hand.

As time passed, she felt Hert’s thing getting harder and harder.

What’s even more surprising here was that its size still continued to grow as well.

The manhood, which was still full in her lips, grew even bigger as it slipped into Tessa’s mouth.

With that, Tessa noticed that Hert’s climax was not far.

“Ah, heuk, damn, ha, crazy.”

F*ck, f*ck… As Tessa had expected, when the climax reached its peak, only swear words lingered in Hert’s mouth.

No, f*ck, sh*t, damn it… He didn’t know what to do with the pleasure he felt for the first time in his life.

It certainly was quite different from stroking his c*ck by himself to periodically relieve himself.

The woman’s sounds became more seductive and deep.

He was now rolling his hips violently.

Then, Hert reached out and pulled the back of Tessa’s head as she continued to suck him towards him.

Because of this, his length went deep inside Tessa’s mouth, and tears naturally filled the corners of her eyes. Keugh, she exhaled roughly.

“Ah, uhk, heuk…”

Before long, Hert’s hips began to speed up.

Tessa’s eyes turned white as the manhood slipped into her mouth and stabbed at her in the throat.

The strong pressure shook her head in a mess.

As she gasped for breath, she grabbed his thighs with her hands and tried to hold on as long as she could.


The situation of the man who reached its climax was quick.

Thick s*men poured into her mouth.

Hert grabbed Tessa’s head and pushed her away, then only realized that he pulled himself too early.

As he had not yet finished c*mming, s*men splashed all over the woman’s face, neck, and chest.

Tessa collapsed to the floor, wracking with severe coughs.

The s*men she had not swallowed was dripping from her mouth.

From her head to the bottom, Tessa was a mess of white cloudy liquid.

Considering that the marquis ejaculated less than the amount of a spoon, Hert’s ejaculation was a considerable amount.


Hert looked down at Tessa, who had fallen in front of him, and was immersed in the afterglow for a while.

It was a pleasure he had never even dared to imagine.

Even now, his heart was beating like it was going to explode.

It seemed now that he could understand why some of the soldiers he met on the battlefield were so passionate about their one night with a woman.

‘This… is crazy.’

Hert instinctively realized he couldn’t go back.

Soon Hert found his c*ck was still erect.

Even though he had ejaculated once, his lower body became more stiff than before.

The taut member stood up straight and reared its head firmly toward the sky.

It was as if his body wanted more.

For example, the hot and humid woman’s body…


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