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The hot mass of flesh moved in and out from between her legs at a rugged speed.

This alone made Tessa’s body tingle all over, and she couldn’t stand properly.

Tessa’s upper body was collapsing, and she could barely grasp the railing.

From her hips and up, the tingling feeling of the manhood slipping over her groin and rubbing over her clitoris with his tip further heightened her excitement.

“Hhnnn… Nngh…”

“Huu… A little more…”

The man’s harsh breath poured down her back.

His grip on Tessa’s waist to keep her from collapsing was starting to hold her with more force.

Tessa was swayed to and fro, being caught by him.

However, not knowing that her vision was getting hazy from all the pleasure, she continued to let out moans.

She didn’t want to think about anything, and she didn’t want to care.

“Hhn, uhng, mmngh…”

“Why, are you so… sexy You drive people… crazy.”

“Ahh, Her…”

“Damn, calling my name, making me harder…”

Hert looked down at the woman who was almost lying face down in front of him, feeling his climax rushing in.

Her head, which seems smaller than his palm, her slender body, and her slender waist that fit into his arm and even leaving space, evoked contradictory feelings.

He wanted to torment her but also wanted to protect her…

‘I’m such a perverted bastard…’

Hert muttered to himself, as she continued to push his thing over the woman’s entrance.

But he really wanted to see Tessa’s face, crying and begging him to stop because she couldn’t resist the pleasure he was giving her.

It was because her expression, as it melted in the heat, was so lewd that it could make him stand upright immediately.

Besides, that little entrance.

It was even more irritating to see her moaning as she held his large c*ck between her legs.

Because of that, he wanted to dig deep into her, to the point that he couldn’t get in anymore, and thrust mercilessly while tormenting her.

And finally, he even wanted to fill her entirely with his seed.

Hert thought about that and let out a smirk unknowingly.

It was clear that he had gone insane.

‘…Still, I really want to f*ck her.

I want to put it in.’

Rubbing Tessa’s body like this was more stimulating and better than just pleasuring himself, but nonetheless, nothing was more perfect than thrusting into the hot, humid interior.

He wanted to feel that ecstatic feeling of engulfing in that tightness that was clinging to him again.

‘I think she recovered a lot, so maybe I should just do it… Tessa would say it’s okay… No, crazy bastard.

Stop it.’

Hert managed to grab hold of his rationality as it was about to collapse, and gripped the woman’s pliable behind even tighter.

Luckily, Tessa’s soft body, rather than his hard one, was caught in his hand, and it felt like he could be at peace.

How strange it felt when he grabbed his own c*ck and rubbed it by himself when his desires were so full that he could not stand it anymore.

It was a feeling he had never experienced this before sleeping with Tessa.

“Ah, hmngh, mo, more…”

“It will be over soon…”


Hert grabbed Tessa’s hips and moved his waist in random motion.

The large manhood began to pound over her entrance, between her thighs, and near her stomach.

It was around this time that his movement became even faster.

The man’s flesh shook violently, and he immediately trembled and let out his s*men.

At the same time, Tessa’s body stiffened for a moment and then trembled helplessly.


The thick, cloudy liquid dripped down Tessa’s groin and her stomach.

Hert held Tessa in her arms and kissed the back of her neck again and again.

Tessa, who had used all her strength to hold on, gently slipped into his arms.

Even that look was adorable.

“You okay”

Hert suddenly asked Tessa as he gathered her wet hair together and moved it in front.

Tessa, who was catching her breath, moved her gaze to and fro, slightly perplexed by his question.

What was he asking okay about About him and what he just did If not…

Tessa nodded her head for a moment.

“…Yes, it’s okay—”

“Is it not good Even if I didn’t put it in, you came.”

“T-That was g-good…”

“Really It was not so good for me.”

In an instant, Tessa looked back at Hert reflexively with wide eyes.

Her eyes twinkled with anxiety.

Hert smiled slightly at Tessa’s seemingly restless response.

Her startled face seemed to resemble a little bird that flew from time to time.

“It’s a joke.

It’s good for me too.”

It’s still a pity though. Touching Tessa’s slender belly, Hert spoke quietly to himself.

After today, his patience seemed to be getting shorter and shorter.

It was fortunate that Tessa was satisfied enough to fill his lacking feelings a little.

Suddenly, Hert hugged Tessa closer to his arms.

Tessa also felt his warm and firm embrace and quietly closed her eyes.

The man’s pounding heart could be heard through her back.

It felt like her heart was beating along with his.

Like that happy day…

At that moment, those words ran through her mind.

‘Don’t hide anything from me.’

‘Never betray me.’

‘Just like this… Let’s just keep it like this.’

Why is it that at this moment, the words he said come to mind

Tessa couldn’t figure out where the sudden anxiety was coming from.

What was she missing



* * *




The man woke up and looked around when his unconscious hand grasped nothing.

The person he was looking for was sitting on the sofa and looking into something.

He found a robe, draped it on, got out of bed and walked towards the woman.

“Good morning, Lee.”

“What morning The sun is high.”

Beatrice stuck the man who naturally greeted her with a kiss on the cheek.

At those words, the man smiled softly and looked at the window where countless sunlight was pouring in.

“Somehow, I thought the sun was shining brightly in the morning.

What are you looking at”

“An interesting report came in.”


As the man tilted his head, Beatrice pointed her hand towards the sofa opposite her, telling him to sit down.

As the man sat down, she poured hot tea into an empty teacup.

“That punk sent out my caretaker.

I did my best with attaching him… Tsk.”

The report handed over to her by her subordinates in the early morning contained shocking news.

Beatrice had a hard time deciding whether to curse at that bastard for his foolishness or to praise him for his meticulousness.

It seemed like things were going to go awry, but anyway, this was an exceptional situation that she has been through countless times.

It couldn’t be a problem for her.

“Did he use Geoffrey to dig up her past”

“That’s a real waste of manpower.”

The man answered, carefully holding the teacup that was poured in full so as not to spill a single drop.

Beatrice threw the report she was holding down on the table.

“Anyway, he wouldn’t be able to get anything if he dug out things that were already sorted out.”

“Well, we never know.

He might find something.

It’s Geoffrey.”

“Then we have to cut out those bastards.

I told them to push everything all away so it wouldn’t be found out.”

Soon enough, Hert would hear that it was Beatrice who told the men outside to put up a smoke screen and get things done.

While collecting all information about Hert, he also erased all traces of his past.

It was the same with the Fitzgerald Orphanage, the place where he previously lived.

It was an orphanage that had already been burned down by Baron Settebien’s orders, but Beatrice ordered the site to be demolished so that there were no bricks left.

The reason is that seven years ago, his dog’s past had to disappear for himself and for her.

In this way, not only did she not get caught, but she was able to completely control everything related to the past.

Going back and forth over the past is something only idiots do.

It was not acceptable to her to give up her initiative.

There are some facts that should not have been revealed yet.

“If he entrusted it to me from the beginning, he’d stay still, wait, how many times has this been In the end, those bloodlines…”

Beatrice clicked her tongue again at Hert’s stupid persistence.

The man pointed out by cutting the scones in half.

“No matter how much you put it down… It’s because Lee informed him too late.”

“He only asked to find someone, he didn’t tell me how long.”

After the war, Hert kept digging into his past to find the woman.

Of course, it wasn’t that she didn’t understand his behavior at all.

Time kept passing, but the Marquis who promised to find that woman, was silent.

That’s why he must have agonized inwardly.

However, what he asked for was after Beatrice had already taken care of everything.

There was no way Beatrice, the head of House Borwen, which had a wide information network across the country, was going to waste that much time looking for just one woman.

Beatrice found Tessa after just one month.

She also found out how Tessa went from ‘Tessa Settebien’ to ‘Tessa Jutert’ and how she is being treated now.

That was why she protected her by sending her people right away.

However, the reason she didn’t tell Hert right away and even blocked the information that would go into him was to polish him and make him a great dog.

A puppy who had decided on his first master would follow that master first.

From Beatrice’s point of view, who had to use Hert as a dog, the later Hert’s true master appeared, the better.

No matter how much she treated him as a dog, once Tessa appeared, he would wag his tail towards her.

Wouldn’t it be better to fasten his leash tighter before returning him to his master

“Besides, there is no benefit to let him know earlier.

I have to ask for it after paying the price.”

“As expected, Lee is a villain.”

The man lost his words and giggled.

“Well, it’s already happened.

Besides, Geoffrey’s absence seems to have given someone a chance, so it’s not that bad.”


“Yes, someone.”

Beatrice smiled softly as she recalled the senderless letter in the middle of the report.

She won’t need her help anymore.

Beatrice said as she got up and took the scone that the man was holding in his hand.

“Let’s eat and get to work.”


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