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[Reina’s Girl Power]

Double date.

Yes, those two words were just spoken by the serious and straight-laced Reina.

Here was the situation.

“W-well, you see… Mr.

Abel has taken on guard duty at a place not too far from here.”

In the usual lounge, we listened to Reina’s story.

I heard he’d been on expeditions and could only return once in a while… was this the Order of Knights’ way of showing consideration to him The academy festival was near, too.

“The place is apparently safer than he initially expected, so he has more freedom, and he… uh… invited us to come over to play…”

“That’s wonderful!” Tayte instantly shouted.

“Let’s go as soon as the day after tomorrow, Reina!”

“T-the day after tomorrow”

“It is a day off, remember Of course, that is unless you have to do some student council work that day.

You don’t, do you”

“W-well, I don’t, b-but still…”

“It’s settled then!”

“…All right.”


Tayte forced Reina into submission!

To think she had grown up to this extent… I felt like I was going to tear up.

“T-then, w-what should we be doing there” Reina asked stutteringly.

“We can do a lot of things! Oh, right! How about we bring a gift as well”

“A-a gift! A-as in, weapons or armor”

Reina appeared to be sorely lacking in femininity.

…Well, thinking back, she had always been this way.

“N-not that kind of gift… I mean, sweets.

Wouldn’t Mr.

Abel be happy to receive your handmade sweets”

That was Tayte for you.

Nice suggestion.

“B-but I’ve never cooked before…”

“I myself am still learning, you know.

Marina, Priim, and Rebecca have been kind enough to teach me.

Previously, I asked them to help me make a gift for Barrett, too.”

Ah, she must be referring to the reward for the mock battle.

Those muffins sure were delicious.


I will make it! For my beloved Mr.



It appeared that Reina had made up her mind.

Then, as if waiting for that moment, my three maids appeared out of nowhere, surrounding Reina.

“We have heard the story.”


“Please allow us to lend you our aid.”


“Let’s make delicious sweets-nya~.”

“E-even Priim…”

I see.

They were all worried about Reina.

Reina also had personal maids like Marina and the others.

――But it was likely that they all were lacking in the femininity department too, taking after her.

That was not to say they were inferior.

In fact, in terms of overall abilities, they were apparently superior to Marina and the others.

But servants taking after their master didn’t seem to apply to Marina and the others… right

I mean, they were good people and very talented.

Anyway, Reina had decided to challenge herself to make sweets for the first time in her life with the support of my maids and her future sister-in-law to become closer to Mr.


Right then.


Moving my gaze, I found the door to the lounge was slightly ajar.

From there, Reina’s personal maids were peeping in curiously.

Perhaps those girls who could give accurate advice on tactics and martial were also complete beginners when it came to pleasing the man they like.

But anyway, with this it was decided that Reina would be learning how to make sweets from Tayte and my three maids.


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