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Chapter 2: The Disappearance of the Spiritual Body

Toynbee looked at Baylor, who was sitting cross-legged on the sofa wrapped in a silk quilt, and suddenly asked, “Sentinel You just said you were a sentinel” 

Baylor leaned back and asked, “You don’t know what a sentinel is”

Toynbee frowned, confused, “Sounds like a soldier type.”

[A sentinel is a natural warrior who has awakened his spiritual body and has extraordinary five senses as well as super high combat power].

This was a description that everyone in the Baylor’s world knows, and it was the most central description of the existence of ‘sentinel’.

But Toynbee didn’t know it, and didn’t even seem to have heard of the word at all.

Baylor lowered his eyes.

This was a world without sentinels.

Indeed, his world was not such a bird and flower like the paradise of the earth, it was a war, the people were not living, the landscape was mostly scorched earth and wasteland of the world.

There were no sentinels, and the guides that could appease a sentinel’s spiritual power certainly did not exist.

A few moments of panic rose in Baylor’s heart.

No guide… No guide to calm a sentinel was too dangerous.

Perhaps, he was no longer sentinel

This thought just appeared in Baylor’s mind and was immediately rejected.

The itchy and uncomfortable feeling caused by the lack of comfortable fabric he was wearing still lingered on his skin, and it was not an illusion.

And the faint sound of someone talking in the distance remained clear to him as well.

The heathery scent of men’s pheromone lingered in his nose, again, faint but clear to him, and he could even catch the scent of Toynbee’s toiletries in it.

His five senses were still as keen as they were when he was a sentinel.

What was different was the inability to perceive any information about ‘sentinels’ and ‘guides’ from his own and the other’s pheromone.

Not only that, but up to now he hadn’t found his spiritual body and couldn’t summon it.

A spiritual body was an animal image of the sentinel’s own spiritual power, and it was impossible for a sentinel not to have a spiritual body.

So what exactly was he now

Toynbee saw that Baylor did not answer, but only stared fixedly at the point in the void in a daze.

He did not insist on that question, he thought it might be something that Baylor had learned from some book or movie.

This was not important, the important thing was- He interrupted Baylor’s thinking, “You just said you want to cooperate, do you know what you are going to do Aren’t you afraid of what Austin said to you at the end earlier”

Baylor lifted his eyes to Toynbee, “Oh.

Him cursing me” He laughed.

“If curses worked, I’d be dead eight hundred times over.”

Toynbee looked at Baylor’s flippant look and began to get a headache.

He stood up, walked back and forth in the small living room a few times, and then said to Baylor with a stony face, “You… You don’t seem to have the same personality as I’ve heard.” The man in front of him was indeed the ‘Baylor’, the youngest son of the despot king.

Toynbee was a bit depressed.

He felt that this Baylor might cause a lot of trouble.

He sat down again, closer to Baylor, his body leaning forward in Baylor’s direction, “You have now been selected by Mr.

President as…” He paused, swallowed the word ‘gift’ and replaced it with a slightly more dignified word, “… a diplomat.

Going to the Ya’an Empire, you must remember that every action you take will affect the relationship between the two countries.

There must be no more reckless behavior like before.” He raised three fingers, “In three days, the Ya’an Empire’s cruiser will arrive at the port, and it will return to the Ya’an Empire with the resources we promised in the ‘peace agreement’, including you.

I will accompany you as the person in charge.

The writing is on the wall, whether you want to go or not, you have to go, unless you want to stay here as a corpse.

And once you’re on board the Ya’an Empire, and for the rest of your life, if you want to be comfortable, behave yourself, or Austin’s words won’t just be a curse, they’ll be your destiny.” He confirmed to Baylor, “Do you understand”

Baylor understood.

He nodded, “You guys are living a **ty life.” He hit the nail on the head when he said, “Nice people won’t do it, but despite everything, they will behave with integrity as a subordinate.“

Toynbee choked on his words, he had his own dignity, and why would he want to make himself inferior in front of others, but there was nothing he could do about it.

So he could only say, “This is the trend, there is no choice, just listen to my words.”

However, Baylor was not interested in what he was saying, he was so distracted that he sat quietly and listened to Toynbee finish his speech.

So, he nodded perfunctorily.

Toynbee also saw that Baylor did not have much desire to continue the conversation further, he stood up sagely, “I will place an order for new clothes for you later, it should be delivered in half an hour, you rest.

After that, there will be some procedures that need your cooperation, I will come back to you then.” Before leaving, he hesitated and said, “These days, if you have someone to say goodbye to, just hurry up.”

Once Toynbee left, Baylor completely emptied himself as he stared at a point in the void, his gaze lax.

To others he may seem to be dazed, but he was actually searching for his spiritual body in his own spiritual world.

A sentinel’s spiritual body was their partner, but more like their semblance.

Once the spiritual body died, the body would experience great pain and eventually have a mental breakdown.

The fact that his spiritual world was not collapsing right now meant that his spiritual body was not dead.

After checking the kennel in the spiritual world once again and not seeing the grayish figure, Baylor pulled his consciousness out of the spiritual world and opened his eyes, annoyed.


That guy, where the hell did he go

On top of the snowy plains where the sky was frozen and the sun could not be seen, a sturdy gray and white wolf dog was running.

Its gray and white fur was very lustrous like a light, as if he was an elf of the snow, bred by this storm of life.

As it ran, it also rolled happily in the snow, letting the snow wrap itself around its fur.

If there were scholars of paleontology around, they would have recognized this gray and white wolfdog as an ancient creature named, commonly known as Siberian Sled Dog- aka, a Siberian Husky.

Only, it was a bit more massive in size.

Suddenly, it stood up and its pair of ice-blue eyes suddenly looked to the southeast.

The wind blowing from that direction had the smell of blood, as well as the smell of pheromone mixed in with the smell of blood.

Ears perked up, the snow on the fur fell, pink nose moved, and confirmed the direction.

It spread its legs in the direction of the smell drifting wildly, making it difficult to walk on the snow for it as if it was a virtual landscape.

About fifteen minutes later, it finally found the source of the smell.

Not far from a pile of steel rubble was a man with injuries, almost completely buried by the snow.

His wounds were severe, from his shoulders down, almost slicing half of his body open.

But miraculously, the man was still alive.

He looked at the half face revealed under the pile of ‘snow mounds’, his head tilted, and after looking fixedly for a minute, his big tail hanging behind him wagged up, while he barked loudly at the man.

“Woof! Woof! Woof!” He lowered his head again and tipped his moist nose against the man’s head.

Still no response.

After thinking about it, it used its paws to shave some of the snow off the man’s body, then opened its mouth, bit the man’s back collar and yanked it in its direction, pulling the man out of the snow.

The man was tall, twice its size, and it was not an easy task to take the man away, but the smell of him really made him like him.

So, it still bit the man’s collar and dragged him forward little by little.

With a burden twice its size, its speed suddenly slowed down, but its articulated bite was unusually strong, and it dragged the man all the way with its mouth.

About forty minutes later, it took the human to a cave that was sheltered from the wind and snow.

This human’s body temperature was too low.

He needed to be heated up.

It dragged the man to the inside, then plopped itself down next to the human, with its chin resting on the man’s leg, its buttocks facing the man’s face, and its big fluffy tail covering the man’s neck.

Yawning, it also simply closed its eyes to sleep.

The man’s body was very strong.

After leaving the cryogenic environment, his own strong self-healing ability as well as willpower let his body functions gradually begin to recover.

About two hours later, he opened his eyes in a furry warmth.

His pupil color was a slightly lighter goose gray, and his eyes were narrow and deep, with a cold and stern aura.

Before he could figure out what was happening, the next second, the furry, snow-colored tail whacked him directly on the face.


He subconsciously reached out and grabbed the tail and pushed it aside.

What the heck

He half propped himself up with difficulty and first saw a small grayish-white mound, full ass… Then he was met with a pair of icy blue eyes – and a somewhat sharp gaze under two rounded eyebrows.

A dog was lying next to him, twisting his head around, grinning and sticking his tongue out, then looking at himself without blinking his eyes.

“Woof! Woof!” The furry tail wagged in a friendly manner before calling up to his face once more.

“…” The man once again grabbed the wagging tail and kept it away from his face, then he turned his head and surveyed the environment, which was a somewhat gloomy cave, with the wind and snow still howling outside, which was alarming to hear.

He remembered that he was still in a snowy field before he couldn’t hold on and collapsed.

He withdrew his eyes and looked at the big dog that was gray and white with a white three-handled fork on its forehead.

“You are quite powerful.” It actually managed to pull him into the middle of the cave.

“Woof!” The dog who got a compliment was so happy that it stood up, turned its body, and then put its head in front of the man, “Woof!”


Looking at the man’s lack of response, it used its own paws to impatiently pick at his hand.

The man hesitated for a second, then lifted his hand and rested it on the big head.

Some rusty touched a hand, after the dog enjoyed the pets on his head, he paused, this time the petting technique was suddenly much more skillful.

The dog’s idea was also very good.

At this moment, Baylor, on the TL7 planet, suddenly shivered.

His heart full of annoyance suddenly diminished some, but there was a kind of warm comfortable feeling, like soaking in a bath.

Weird, weird, weird.


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